Adults over the age of 18 should be allowed to buy cannabis for personal use from licenced government outlets – in practice this could mean chemists, bars, or even supermarkets.

Why is this idea important?

This would allow those who use cannabis medicinally to do so without fear of prosecution. It would stop the hypocrisy of the current system – where MPs, teachers and doctors openly admit to smoking cannabis but must stick to the official line that 'drugs are bad'.

The decriminalisation of cannabis would save the government money as sales could be taxed (like alcohol and tobacco) raising money for the NHS or education for example. It would also free up police time to deal with more important crimes (sorry to sound like a Daily Mail reader).

Finally, this change in law would prevent cannabis from being a 'gateway drug' and allow young people to differentiate between cannabis and harder drugs which can lead to addiction, prostitution, disease or instant death. there is a possibility that young people will enjoy cannabis, and therefore think other drugs are equally harmless, which of course they are not.

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