Cannabis is blamed for being a 'gateway' drug – yet a 16 year old can smoke 50 cigarettes a day, an 18 year old can drink themselves onto the liver transplant list and everybody is unconsciously exposed to the advertisement of calorie filled, artery stuffing fast food.  The government taxes these killers and spends so much of the tax payer money 'helping' these people so why not tax and regulate a natural plant that helps with a variety of medical concerns and does not have the same short or long term implications as tabacco, alcohol or fatty foods?

Why – because people are either scared of change, ignorant to the benefits of decriminalising cannabis*, which has been talked down for generations by the government, or; because people have been too scared to stand up for what they believe in, due to the fact they could be fired from their jobs and imprisoned.  

If women did not fight for their political rights, if African American's did not fight for their liberty, if homosexuals did not fight for equality then the world would be a very different place today, so why, like these previously discriminated groups, do cannabis smokers and campaigners have to live their lives listening in fear to every noise outside their door and why are more people not willing to voice their concerns?

To me this sounds like living a life in fear – all because somebody deemed the plant as a dangerous 'drug' nearly a hundred years ago by the Dangerous Drugs Act which was anyway based on the principles of banning Indian Hemp. 

Is Britain a democracy?  Apparently so.

In a democracy who is meant to approve and disapprove laws?  The people.

So who makes the decisions in Britian today?  Well, after (Government Drug Adviser) Dr. Nutt was fired for speaking his academically proclaimed mind, I would say the answer is definitely not the people.

Change/revolution/progression are all daunting words but how in the modern developed world do smokers continue to lose the battle of a humans individual right to legalise cannabis when there are so many supporters? 

Is it fair to brand a smoker caught with a 'joint' under the same '1972 Misuse of Drugs Act' that goes to a heroin dealer who has caused deaths?

How can a 16 years old walk down the street smoking a cigarette and be pregnant when a 68 year old cancer suffer must hide in their homes, like Anne bloody Frank?

Remove the link between criminalised gangs and cannabis, get these people out of selling drugs and use their expertise in management and cultivation to give them the chance to reform as citizens.  Stop cannabis being this supposed 'pathway' drug and regulate it like other luxuries.  And most importantly STOP spending milions of pounds on prosecuting individuals because they like to smoke a plant.

*Helping with illness; the depressed, over weight, under weight, pain relief.  Creating a new industry to fight the deficit.  Reduce the amount spent on prosecuting 'criminals' – with Legal Aid savings, more prison places, the time relocation to real police work.  Have less chemical precriptions perscribed which long term should reduce depression and addiction to prescibed drugs. 

Why is this idea important?

It states what millions feel!

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