Cannabis should be made as legal as alcohol – but perhaps with zero VAT becasue it doesn't kill people, or lead to aggressive behaviour in the way alcohol does.

The Government shoudl stop criminals earning money from it's distributuion and regulate and tax it's supply – as in the Netherlands.

When Police forces are facing 25% cuts – they should redeploy those who search for and criminalise cannabis users to looking for real criminals – saving millions of £s

The judicial and prison system would also save money and the Treasury would gain billions.

The only beneficiaries of the current system are criminal suppliers. I cannot understand why the Government wants to protect them.

There are no victims with the responsible regulation of cannabis – apart from criminal suppliers..

As a user of 40 years – and someone who dislikes alcohol – I beseech the Government to stop making me and millions of other "law abiding citizens" criminals because of our fondness for this drug..

Why is this idea important?

Many people who use cannabis – would rather not be classed as criminals for doing something that is "safer" than drinking alcohol – and would welcome the chance of increasing the Government's tax income by having it regulated and taxed.

It helps to make the Government and judicial system more realistic and in touch with the community.

It would help with reducing the UK deficit.

The only loosers would be criminal suppliers – and they deserve to loose. 

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