I am just a layman, This is my UNDERSTANDING, i keep all my inalienable rights intact.


There is a vast difference between 'Lawful' and 'Legal' .. try to not be fooled.

Anything that requires a 'License' and subsequently  can be granted a 'license' to make something 'LEGAL'  as opposed to 'illegal' without said license IS essentially Lawful under common Law, the Law of the Land. 

For example, thru the issuance of a license from the home office to GW-Pharmacuticals a UK Cannabis Cultivation farm which enables them to legally grow over 5,000 cannabis plants 4 times per year the granting of said license is the creation of a UK MONOPOLY to become the UK's biggest drug cartel.

Its well documented on the GW Pharma finacial advisors page of the GW -Pharma web site, that the finacial overseers of this organisation is the Global elites organisation the Rothschilds ( go figure..) Shurley these financial 'giants' wouldnt endorse something that was essentially 'un-lawful' ?  So why all the fuss ? as i understand it, and i am but a Layman, if your aware of the difference between you Yourself as a free, sentient flesh human being as opposed to thinking you are a legal fiction or "Strawman", the illegality of being a cannabis user only becomes 'illegal' if you except/give consent of your own free-will to a statute/act  in the first instance, therefore .. if one does not GIVE consent to it being illegal under commercial law "NO CONSENT FOR AUTHORITIES TO CHARGE YOU WITH A STATUTE ..  well .. there is under common law, no breach of th peace, no harm injury or loss and therefore no breach of the Common Law of the land   ..  YOU ARE FREE TO GO & become enlightened ;0 )

I defy anyone to point out to me in common law, the one true law of this land where its says its unlawful to Grow, smoke, enjoy the message given freely from GOD to us.

The video below may help ? – Good luck folks ;0 )




Why is this idea important?

It is the truth .. and in this instance only the truth will suffice.

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