My Idea is to make cannabis as legal and readily available as alcohol for several reasons.

Why is this idea important?

As things currently stand Cannabis is illegal, but this doesnt mean that hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds worth of cannabis isn't purchased and consumed EVERYDAY in this country.

This Cannabis is usually of a fairly low quality compared to the cannabis available in the Netherlands and is quite often contaminated with weight bulking agents to increase profits, it is also finished early to avoid getting caught which also means that it doesnt contain many of the fully matured cannabinoids and does not contain fully realized T.H.C, it does not contain  much of the terpins assosiated with a full flavour AND it also still contains a lot of the chemical fertilizer which can often cause nausea and pretty severe headaches.

Secondly  Prohibition has only served to make the illicit cultivation of high grade cannabis a more profitable buisness for career criminals that may not have become involved in this business if it were'nt for prohibition driving the value of these substances up and up. At present an ounce of unadulterated high grade brand name cannabis such as powerplant,cheese or kush can sell for around £200-£220 wholesale, and be sold on the street for up to £12.50 per gramme (£350 per ounce) obviously this is only applicable to the cannabis of the highest order, this vast amount of money can often go on to be used by organized crime members for crimes of a much more serious nature and fund drug deals for substances much more damaging than cannabis.

Thirdly the cost of maintaining the prohibition, in terms of financial cost, the amount of police and court time, and the cost of maintaing the prison population that have been incarcerated for cannabis related crimes, It seems from reading on this very website that a lot of people think that cannabis legalization is a good idea, why should the taxpayer have to pay the bill for hundreds if not thousands of manhours of police time and resource to be wasted on cannabis related crime when none of us think it should even be considered criminal behaviour? Why should we have to pay for our courts to waste their valuable time ( and it really is valuable time, the cost to the taxpayer for maintaing our court system is HUGE!!) hearing cases which the majority of the population would consider a waste of time. The cost of maintining the cannabis related prison population must be enourmous, as far as i know it costs the government more to keeps a person imprisoned per day than a person can earn per day in a job that pays the national average wage.Our police force and court system should be spending their time pursuing real criminals guilty of real crimes. All it really boils down to is are we really using what resources we have in a cost effective way by maintaing this prohibition?

Economically the legalization of cannabis is a sound move, not only would it save the money we have to spend on prohibition but it would generate millions maybe billions every year in tax, also the government would be able to regulate the sale of cannabis so that it could not be sold to children and would not contain contaminents, as it stands at the moment anybody can sell cannabis to anybody they like and it can contain any number of dangerous substances including highly carcenagenic substances and powdered glass which has been responsilbe for several deaths.

Cannabis is a proven natural herbal medicine that can relieve a enourmous number of ailments and actually benefit the human body both physically and mentally, in the past cannabis has been accused of causing mental health problems and their may be some truth to it if all you consume is pure tropical sativas containg huge concentrations of T.H.C. with virtually or no C.B.D or C.B.N or any of the highly beneficial cannabinoids,(this is only what i have been lead to believe through internet research and is NOT fact). But there are SO many proven beneficial effects from cannabis that is rich in beneficial cannabinoids such as C.B.N. or C.B.N or T.H.Cv. Cannabis can replace so many existing drugs and not put people at risk from overdose or dependency which happens alot when people are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs on a long term basis.

Currently I am acquainted with an individual who is currently being prosecuted for possesion with intent to supply cannabis,being concerned in the supply of cannabis and also another non cannabis related offence, and could be looking at up to a year imprisonment. This individual is expecting their first child within six weeks and other than smoking a bit of cannabis and helping other connoisseur smokers acquire a product that is not contaminated and of a good quality, is not guilty of any real harmful damaging behaviour. Yet they will most likely be detained and miss quality time with their family.

And the whole time all this cannabis madness is occuring, people and politicians are debating if cannabis is safe people up and down the length of the country and going out evey weekend drinking excessive amounts of state sponsored and approved alcohol and smashing each other and their local communities up,consuming massive amounts of police time and resource and they fill every A&E department up and down the country every friday and saturday night, and the taxpayers have to pay to put it all right again, while alcoholics everyday carrying poisoning their bodies and rotting their internal organs whilst shuning and hurting their loved ones everyday, we try to decide if cannabis is safe?????? to be honest i would be really surprised if the alcohol industry actually makes our government any money at all when you consider how much the repair bill must be at the end of each weekend. When is the government going to listen to us, the people and make cannabis legal for all consenting adults?

So this is my reasons for wanting cannabis to be legal and how i think it could benefit our country and our people, if anybody thinks these are bad ideas or reasons please leave a comment.

Thanks, Ellismcorio

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