i think the un-enforceable and un-nessary laws that control the use of cannabis dont work and should be repealed imediately.

 it should be brought under the alcohol and tobacco regulations,

Why is this idea important?

The regulation of cannabis is  important!!

 The lack of regulation and  illegality  of cannabis is resulting in a lot of adulerated product. Crushed glass, sand, wallpaper paste and other substances are added to cannabis to increase weight/profit.

consumers are unknowingly ingesting the contaminated cannabis. tests have shown what risks are associated with cannabis but possibly not the contaminents which are getting more prevelent.

the revenue generated would go to our goverment and not leave the country

prohibition isnt working but costs £50 million a year (at least)

to regulate cannabis is the way forward it will have to happen someday , we need to stop wasting money and police resources NOW .

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