The Cannabis issue has received no less than 325 posts. That makes it one of the most popular single issues on this site, if not THE most popular on this site.

Excuses for it's constant appearing and disappearing range from magic to the Tag not getting clicked or posted enough.

After some consideration, I reject these explanations. It is simply not acceptable to try and dissolve an issue by removing it from the main index of Tags to the right of the forum. It is especially inappropriate to remove one of the single largest topics of debate on this website.  Even if it is somehow true that the tag has not been clicked on as much as others, it should still be reinstated as this issue is obviously of great concern to the public no matter what excuses are used to silence the issue.

Please mirror the public mood by reinstating the Cannabis Tag to it's rightful place.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because we need transparency in government in general. If they cannot even achieve it here, what's the likelihood of them being able to achieve transparency in the real world?

This issue will not go away, I will make sure of that. Let us discuss the issue in the open for all to see as it is the first time in recent history that the subject of cannabis has received the attention that it should. It has also has started the discussion regarding the issue that should have been spearheaded by the government instead of the people if only they had the backbone to do it. They have shown time and time again that they lack the will and the nerve to bring this topic into the open. SO, STAND ASIDE! and allow us to do the job for you.

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