"Rules in society create good law and order. But too many nannying, unnecessary rules restrict freedom and make criminals out of ordinary people."

You said it, Nick. 

Many ordinary people smoke cannabis yet they are shunned to the edge of society and branded criminals. In this day and age it is ridiculous to criminalise people because of what they choose to put into their body, regardless of the government's stance on it. It is particularly ridiculous with regard to cannabis, a drug proven to be less harmful than alcohol, tobacco and many prescription drugs which are available legally from pharmacies.

Please free these otherwise productive members of society – your students, doctors, lawyers, police officers, office workers, friends, family – free the cannabis users from the fear of a criminal record and these unnecessary and counter productive prohibitionist laws. 

Why is this idea important?

Because it affects nearly everybody. Most people know somebody uses cannabis and does not harm anybody else in doing so. Why are these people criminals if they are not hurting anybody, yet those who drink alcohol or smoke tobacco are allowed a clear conscience?

One Reply to “Cannabis users are ‘ordinayr’ people too.”

  1. Cannabis deserves, at the very least a light touch from the law. It is one of the least toxic of all narcotics and has been proven to have minimal negative social consequences, particularly in comparison to alcohol.

    Look at the prosperity and low crime rates of countries which legalize cannabis, one could easily argue a link.

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