Cannabis was made a Class B drug because of a politically motivated decision based on scare stories about 'Skunk' Cannabis. While there is no doubt Skunk is a bad drug to have around (I know, I've smoked it) it is also a bad idea to classify ordinary cannabis as Class B because of it.

Because it is not too difficult to differenitate between Skunk and ordinary cannabis (based on it's THC content) I propose the law be changed to classify ordinary cannabis as Class C or lower and Skunk should remain at Class B.

That is sensible, joined-up thinking – not posturing and playing to the mob.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because innocent people are being criminised by a clumsily crafted law. it is not good to have a criminal record because you choose to smoke a particular type of plant. And it's a law which is ineffective in doing what it is supposed to do in the first place. Get rid of it. Society will not crumble because if you do. Portugal, Holland and other countries are not facing epidemics of anti-social behaviour because of a more relaxed approach to drugs. We do, however, because of our booze culture. but that's another matter…

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