why shouldn't we be free to chose weather to smoke cannabis, we re being treated like we dont have the right to : freedom of speach, the right to descide weather we wan't cannabis or not weather it be for pain relief or just for a good high a few times a week we are ivig in a big brother state watched constantly penalised for smoking/eating a class b drug when its been proven that drink is a bigger killer of all yh of course theres risks involved in taking cannabis but shouldn't we be the judge of the risks? After all it's supposed to be a free country!

i just feel as if i've not got full control of what i might want to do aswell as thousand's maybe million's of people out there

Why is this idea important?

If more people start coming forward maybe te youngsters will be safe untill they are also old enough to descide wheather or not to take cannabis in whatever form they descide.

cannabis grown by drug dealers maybe laced with all kinds of dangerous things ground glass sprinkled on to add weight who knows with the governments help we could make a change and make a class b drug legal and safe to use with no worries after all if it grows in the ground then we should be allowed to use it for whatever we like

thoughts and views plz


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