It really is time to repeal the unjust classification of cannabis, there are far to many users of it in Britain today who are not in any other way shape or form criminals, the problem for them is that in order to purchase a substance far less harmful than both nicotine and alcohol they are forced to deal with those that are truly on the wrong side of the law. The vast majority of people involved in its use would gladly pay tax if it was available legally.

Now this is not a new idea, and will probably be repeated many times during this dicussion, and then shouted down again by the minority who are against it (the same minority who are usually badly informed and by far louder than the silent Majority).

There is a wonderful article available in the archives at by Johann Hari which explains all of the problems caused by prohibition of something that citizens dont want prohibited and I would advise anyone interested to seek it out.

There is an issue with health issues associated with it of course, but no more than smoking the legally available Nicotine products, and with no addictive properties if consumed with non-tobacco methods, of which there are many available. Studies show that memory can be affected in young animals when tested, but when tested on adult animals those problems do not arise, which again is a reason to get it legalised and regulated to keep it away from children.

Finally, I wont go over all the old arguments, but I will give my view on one that always gets raised, and that is "Super Skunk", as a cannabis user I to am against this particular strain and compare it strongly to the Bathtub whisky that was popular during the Alcohol prohibition in the states. A Legal and regulated distribution would remove the popularity of this as it is only 1 of the literally thousands of strains available, its main appeal being that when forced to pay large prices for small amounts people demand more bang for their buck!.

I really do hope that this time the Goverment does not dismiss the scientific advice forcing its drug advisors to resign again, or settle for a board of yes men which will serve no benefit to a forward thinking society.

As an afterthought anyone in doubt can look at the statistics for other Eurozone countries who have taken a more mature attitude towards it, namely being Portugal and of course Holland, both of whom have a very liberal stance towards it and neither has degenerated into mass riots and streets filled with mentally ill people. Even in America who with Egypts help brought the prohibition to the UN in the first place (in a move to show political strength at home) it is now medically available in the "Entire" western half of the states with some eastern states already on board, and many more flooring motions at their state level, and some even moving to sell it to over 21s in order to regain the lost tax and remove the vast amount of cash from the hands of organised crime.

I hope my two pence worth was worth the effort and I thank anyone who took the time to read it with an open mind.

For the record.

I am in my mid 30s, have worked full time all my life, and do not have a criminal record, I also class myself entirely as a law abiding citizen.

Why is this idea important?

Because there are very many people who use it already.

The money would be removed from organised crime.

Tax from it would only benefit the UK.

 The addition of regulation is a must as the stuff available on the street is now being chemically enhanced to make it stronger than ever!

It can also be used to create fuel, paper, rope, cloth etc etc, all in a cleaner manner than many of those in use already.

Free up wasted police time allowing them to chase proper criminals.

Stop children from using it.

Stops people from going to dealers who will obviously try and get them to buy other drugs which return higher profits and cause much more harm to both people and society.

I do have many more reasons for this but I leave it to you to educate yourselves that is what freedom is all about.

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