Legal Aid allows conviced offenders to pursue spurious claims against prison procedures and/or personnel or to try to claim compensation from govenment sources under the Human Rights Act. Wealthy people who are successful at hiding their assets can also use Legal Aid to fight expensive cases which normal working class people would not be able to do.

Solicitors who specialise in prison work are making a fortune providing:

– 'advice' to offenders when they have been caught red-handed during illegal activities,

–  defending them in hearings, processing petty complaints (about quality of food, lighting etc)

– helping them complain about their treatment under the Human Rights Act etc.

There should be a cap on the amount that any one person can claim in legal aid to prevent misuse and to reduce the cost.  This would also reduce the number of petty complaints that have to be dealt with by the police, prison service, NHS etc.

Why is this idea important?

It would save money from reducing the overall cost of Legal Aid and also by reducing the number of petty complaints that have to be dealt with.

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