I don't agree with capital punishment.

However in circumstances where the facts 100% have been proven beyond doubt that the perpetrator is guilty of the crime charged, then I see no reason why they should not have the death sentence handed down to them, even if it currently cannot be carried out.


Treat it as a punishment.

The threat of death hanging over the convicted throughout their imprisonment. 

Simply because one day the law may be repealed, then all those carrying the death penalty can quickly be dispatched without much further cost to the tax payer.


All the while the convicted prisoner awaits the full justice of the law, there can be no let up in the attempts to prove the innocence of the condemned.


So in brief, while the judge is handing down, lets say, three life sentences he can also hand down a death penalty to be carried out at the first available opportunity if the laws change at any time in the future.

Why is this idea important?

It may just focus the minds of some would be criminals before they go out and commit crimes they might otherwise have thought twice about if they know they could end up forfeiting there own life as a result of there criminal activities.

It will serve as a reminder to others also, that we live in a fair society and the vast majority cannot be held ransom to the few lawless reckless individuals.

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