reinstate the death penalty for murder and sexual crimes that involve extreme violence.

 Forensic techniques. DNA. finger printing. CCTV evidence. All these methods of detection and verification have been evolved to such a degree that they  are conclusive. The unsupported word of any person is no longer a factor that can bring about a conviction even for relatively minor offences.

The past system of "sufficient" wieght of evidence would not be an acceptable criteria. Absolute proof would be the requirement for a case to be refered to a second court to decide if the person convicted even had to face a final hearing to decide the setence.

Mistakes have been made. We can learn from them or hide from them

Why is this idea important?

It is increasingly important to face the fact that extreme forms of criminal acts are increasingly violent to the point of murder. Terrorism is often a random act that murders several people. The person or persons involved know that ,at worse, they face a term in prison with the likelyhood of release.

As a society we face a situation where it is probable that the release will lead to the same crime being repeated. In particular it is relevant for serious sex offenders who have to be constantly monitored in an attempt to stop them re-offending.

This will always be an emotional decision to make but i think the debate needs to be held again given that our world does seem to be increasingly violent and without regard.

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