Drivers recognise that they now are more at risk on the roads with the ever increasing number of new drivers and careless ones, so driving without insurance really is unacceptable.  Whilst it is understandable that young and inexperienced drivers pay more for their premium, it doesn't seem fair that they are excluded from being able to apply for short term car insurance.

Many young people are not in a financial position to easily afford their annual car insurance, so temporary car insurance for when they need it could be a more accessible solution.  It seems unfair that a certain age group 17 – 21 year olds are discriminated as well as those with less than 12 months driving experience.

My idea would be to ensure that insurance companies offer short term car insurance deals to all ages of drivers regardless of experience.  Yes younger and inexperienced drivers will pay more, but they should at least have the opportunity to go down this route.

Why is this idea important?

It was recently reported that 4% of drivers in the UK do not have any cover, the highest level in Western Europe.  I am certain that many young drivers fall into this category as a result of not wanting to pay the kind of premiums they are offered.  In my opinion, young drivers having the option to take out short term car insurance could help reduce these numbers.

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