To see changes made so that businesses can provide a Care Brokerage role, to match adults to individual and often independent personal carers and personal assistants, without that business having to be registered as a care provider (Care Standards Act):

Why is this idea important?

As the regulations stand at present, if someone wants to start a business to link personal assistant/personal carers to adults who wish to purchase their own support services (either privately or using a Direct Payment or Personal/Individual Budget from Social Services) then that business would have to register as a care provider. This is absurd, because the business would purely be matching adults requiring care to prospective carers, the business itself would not be a care provider.

Considering the massive changes affecting the way in which adults are to receive their care and support, the total transformation of adult Social Services, then the requirements affecting business should be modified in keeping with this.

Currently, many adults who opt to receive a payment instead of a care package from their Social Services find they encounter many difficulties in attracting and retaining the services of carers. This is where we need to have small businesses set up to provide a ‘Care Brokerage’ role.

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