My daughter faught for independance – born paraplegic with she relied on her wheelchair to get around. Social Services dolled out cash in the form of DLA – Disability Living Allowance and SDA – Severe Disability Allowance and gave her money to purchase her own care when she could not even tell the time. The flat she was given had ASBO issues known to Social Services and my daughter was told to document goings-on for over 12 months which she did but the courts could not do anything apart from slap an ASBO order on the culprit. My daughter did not understand that by accepting the CASH she had made herself soley responsible for her own well-being. She died from neglect aged 31 years.

Why is this idea important?

She is not alone. Cash should never stop social services from reviewing vulnerable people to make sure they have not been mis-sold or neglected. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO SOMETHING AND SAVE MONEY.

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