CRB checks are required for an number of occupations like working with children, or if you're a driving instructor plus many more. Perhaps it maybe a good idea to CRB check dog owners too. Maybe a CRB isn't enough. My point I'm trying to make is; in order to be a dog owner, one should either have a licence, as a driver would have…..afterall a car is a lethal weapon at the end of the day. There could be a one of fee to cover costs, because if you can afford to have a dog then you can afford to pay a one of fee…right!!! I love dogs and I am disgusted inwhich way some dogs are treated….it's not the dog….IT'S THE OWNER that has caused all this mess!!! Dogs need to be owned by responsible people, then we wouldn't have this problem of 'dangerous dogs'. It's that simple. Hasn't anyone come across an aggressive yorkshire terrier ot any small/toy dog for that matter? They do exsist. Just because they look cute people let them get away with it, when all the dog needs is some training to sort the problem out (or the owner needs some training to sort the dog out), one or the other. This should be called the dangerous people act, no the dangerous dog act.

Why is this idea important?

It's important to stop dogs dying unnecessarily…..simple!!!

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