This must be replaced by companies schools following up references  properly of their employees as even other company does  the government and local authorities  should not get involved in policing in who hires who.

They have turned over 2 million people in to criminals. This is effecting volunteers , full time and part time workers who refuse to go through this system. This is a great pity because this is where there are a lot of potential jobs, young and retired people and even unemployed people but this system which is driven by paranoia. At the same time with drawing benefits from unemployed people who refuse to go for these jobs and go through this system would put the government on the wrong side of personal freedom. The law needs to be scrapped   


Why is this idea important?

It is important because it is creating paranoia in the country which is effecting adults relationships with children, ,changing our way of life and beliefs, and blocking employment for volunteers , part time and full time workers and options for retired people 

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