Remove Ofcoms and Governments the right to censor what UK broadcasters are allowed to screen as long PIN control is in enforced and the material is legally available to the public…..

In particulare the rediculous ban on the Adult channels to be allowed to broadcast R18 material…..Blatent violation of human rights for adults…….Need to learn a few lessons from European governments and their civilised aproach to the subject…..

Why is this idea important?

Freedom of choice is important……..All too often censorship is delivered to adults and safe gaurding children is used as an excuse for censorship……..When in fact many areas of broadcasting which in theory could be moraly harmful to children go unchecked and not even aired after the water shed………Such hypocritical situtaions need tp be addressed and adults given their human rights to be adults………..Children should be protected but whole sale banning of certain material on UK tv is not the way as children can and do turn to the internet for unsuitable material……..

Time that Governments and Ofcom entered the 21st century instead of the victorian mind sets that currently dominate broadcasting……

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