Thanks to the previous government, all new boilers fitted in the UK now have to be energy-efficient condensing boilers.

Since this came into effect I have noticed the following drawbacks raised by people getting new boilers via various messageboards & news comment websites.


  • Quotes of between £1200 to £5000 to fit the new boilers, depending on how much work needs to be done.
  • The new design boilers required by law only last 8yrs compared to around 25yrs for a conventional boiler.
  • At least one report seen in the comments section of a news website of someone not being able to use their Central Heating for several days during the extreme winter of 2009/2010 because the outlet pipe for their condensing boiler had frozen up (defeats the point of having a boiler somewhat I'd say).
  • Another report I heard involved a couple in London losing the use of the food cupboard in their already cramped kitchen because that's where their social housing landlord wanted to stick their new boiler.

Why is this idea important?

This law

  • Restricts consumer choice
  • Causes extra expense for home owners
  • Forces consumers into using products that need replacing (at expense) 3 times during the period of time previous designs of boiler would last.
  • Forces consumers into using a product that may not necessarily be guaranteed to work in the conditions in which it is most likely to be needed (frozen outlet pipes in freezing weather)
  • May potentially restrict companies into designing only one specific type of boiler (condensing) at the expense of being creative and coming up with something better if by law only condensing boilers are allowed to be installed.

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