Allow a single CRB check to apply to several organisations.

At the moment if you are involved with a club or activity involving children you have to apply for a CRB check for each organisation. If you help at (say) Scouts or Guides and are also helping at a kids football, rugby or swimming club you need a separate CRB check for each organisation – even though the information checked is the same and the activities (in the context of contact with children) are similar.

If you had a named list of common organisation types (say – Scouting, Registered Sports Clubs, Schools, Theatres etc) you could have a single CRB check which would be valid for similar activities in all of them. This would save a huge amount of time and money – for the taxpayer, the individual, and the organisations involved.


Those organisations or activities that don't fit into these categories could continue with CRB as it is now.

Why is this idea important?

This would eliminate a good proportion of the CRB duplication that happens at the moment. Most people think it's nonsence and wasteful. It costs NFP organisations £12.00 for a CRB check (I think). In my Kids Football Club, with 23 teams and some 50 volunteer officers, managers, and coaches this could potentially cost  £600 or so every three years – even though most of the mums and dads are already CRB checked for other organisations.

This would only need a change in procedure – not law – to effect and could be done with a minimum of effort and cost.

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