i seem to find that whenever i apply for a job and get to the equal opportunites section i usually get the feeling that all my work filling in the form(s) beforehand has gone to waste, due to the fact that i fall nicely into the "really not employable in equal opportunity terms". i have no problem with trying to make the workplace a more diverse area, as long as it fits in with society as a whole. i beleive that your colour, sexuality, gender, religious views etc should not have an impact as to whether you are "acceptable" for most jobs, needing to give that information is a form of positive discrimination and i feel adversly affects the employability of a majority of the UKs work force.


to clarify i would like to state that i am not racist, i just disagree with "positive" discrimination.

Why is this idea important?

as stated above, i feel that colour, race, religious beliefs and sexuality have very little affect on how people preform the majority of jobs, asking people to disclose this information is a form of positive discrimination, as it keeps people in the largest groups above from attaining equal rights to work.


i would even go as far as saying that when the forms are processed, names, gender etc should be with held from the staff processing the applications, so that the only thing taken into account are the peoples skills and abilities. once through to interview, these factors will become apparant, but anyone on the interveiw board should already be impartial so this isn't that big a problem.

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