Everyone seems to have to right idea, the human rights act needs a major overhaul, like so many have said, convicted criminals, and i mean, drug dealers, persistent burglars, rapists, robbers, murderers, sex offenders ahd those that choose to carry a gun, offences of terror also, once convicted should all lose their rights according to the act. They should lose legal aid.

Life sentences should then be imposed for the most terrible crimes some mentioned above. A convicted rapist needs to stay in prison for good, the effect this has on the victim is a life sentence on its own.

A free country should stand up to those who make our lives hell, we are like prisoners in our own country through fear of the criminal.

Sort it out please and let us lock up horrible criminals for good, thus the decent law abiding citizen can relax and enjoy life.

The bail act needs looking at also, too many people offend on bail causing more grief to victims

Why is this idea important?

The bail act should always consider the effect on the victim, society and money spent on tracking the offender down should they 'jump' bail.

The human rights act should become an act that gives society a responsibility that we all adhere to laws and legislation to ensure we all live a happy trouble free life. Should somebody choose to waiver their right by committing a indictable offence such as murder, sexual offence, drug dealing, burgling or gun crime, they should lose the right to have legal aid once convicted, they should have to pay this legal money back. The right to a fair trial seems to really be, the right for the criminal to use any media publication as an inference to the prosecution. The fair trial should be all persons, including police officers and expert witnesses who get grilled in the box for no reason.

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