This is one of the most abused pieces of legislation that has come out of Brussels. It should take into account the fact that people also have responsibility to the others – locally and more widely – not just rights. It is used for trivial cases of so called human rights when actually it is just about people wanting to get money as compensation.

We need to move away from this nanny state and make people be accountable for their actions. Rights and resonsibilities are needed and some common sense in its application so that people are not being forced into political correctness for fear it might upset someone's human rights!

Why is this idea important?

Because what we have at the moment is not sustainable. Too often criminals, illegal immigrants etc are seen to use this Act (and Legal Aid )at a huge cost to the tax payer) for their own ends. Having their 'human rights' met  conflicts with the a large number of  other's human rights – how is this equitable?

It appears as a law abiding citizen that the less desirable elements of society manipulate this law to their own ends. If the activities of these people shows a blatant lack of regard for others, if they are not behaving in a way that supports the mores of our culture then they should not have these rights.

We need a government to take a stand and agree some non-negotables for our society. We are like people in  the Emperor's new clothes and frightened to speak out and say that actually the way we bend over backwards for every minority group at the expense of the law abiding citizen/ the majority  is wrong.

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