carrying a knife should not be an offence. under sikh traditions carrying a kirpan (small knife) is an article of faith. in scottish traditions a knife (the sgian dubh) is carried in a holster attached to a kilt for traditional & celebratory reasons. that said why should anyone elses carrying for lawful reasons be any different. if a chef carries a knife to the restaurant to cook are they a criminal: no, if a gardener carries a knife for gardening purposes are they a criminal agagin:no. carrying a knife should not be illegal, only attempting to use knife for crime should be illegal.

Why is this idea important?

people who use knives for honest reasons are being wrongfully targeted and prosecuted for no reasons, knives are not bad it is the people who have wrong intentions for them who are bad. i am not in support of weapons (such as guns which should always remain banned) but a knife is not an offensive weapon, a knife is a tool, each and every one of us uses a knife in the kitchen or some other form whether it be for gardening or anything else. does that mean that everyone whose ever used a knife is a criminal: no, only those who use for crimes are criminals, lets say for example a chef carries a knife in his car for cooking purposes or a gardener does the same for gardening purposes. are they a criminal if they are stopped by police for carrying a knife, answer: no.

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