I believe that by legalising drugs would result as follows

1. Taking the control away from drug traffickers

2. Will have an reduce human trafficking because the financial rewards will be impacted ie drug trafficking to finances human trafficking – human trafficking finances drug trafficking

3. A potential source of tax

4. It will also ease the pressure on the nhs to treat patients with drug problems

5. One also control the quality and quantity of drugs

6. Control of price of drugs which cause also help to reduce certain elements of crime ie drug users who steal to finance  drug habits

But what also needs to go hand in hand with the change of law on drugs is a full and franks education on drugs for all .The public must know what are the effects of taking certains and it must explained in a factual manner and unbiased .

Why is this idea important?

We have to face the fact that drugs are here to stay and people from now to the future will use drugs in one form or another . At least some element of control we could reduce the negative impact on society as a whole

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