People are in poverty because the cost of living relative to income is too high.

The single biggest cost of living is housing.

To bring down housing costs, you have to build to meet rising demand, and build cost effectively.

The biggest cost of building is usually the land which is only in short supply due to highly restrictive and conservative planning regulations.

Why is this idea important?

Removing restrictions (whilst still not losing all control on what or how things are built), increases the supply of building land, reduces the cost of building new property, increases the supply of property, reduces housing costs, reduces poverty.

The additional benefit is that we have smaller mortgages, less debt to the banks, more money in our pockets to stimulate growth and repay gov't debt less painfully.

The biggest benefits also go to those who have been financially prudent in the past and not piled up huge mortgage debts that are unaffordable, and helped to fuel the lending boom which got us all into the trouble we are now in.

Just with a little bit more building. Simples

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