The removal of mandatory sex offenders registration for offences not deemed worthy of a lengthy jail term. The removal of 90% of sex offender registration to be replaced with longer jail sentences where appropriate. Registering for life to be made an option in extreme circumstances.

Its discriminatory folks, we do not after all have a murderers register or drunk drivers register.

Why is this idea important?

OK lets talk about the sex offenders register. A certain government group was very fond of creating ever more records and registers.
In 2009 it was suggested to create a domestic abuse register for people who had or were accused of violence against women.
The proposal was denounced as a gimmick and not at all helpful.
And this was by women who had suffered abuse.

Now I have the dubious privelege of being on the register for 5 years. I was arrested for being honest. I was arrested for encountering illegal material, I was shocked and disgusted by it and I asked for help in sorting out the bad feelings it provoked.
(I didn't get that by the way)
What is it about the sex offenders register that stops me from going out and committing a serious crime if I had a mind to?
Well uh, nothing actually.
Seriously, nothing stopping me from skipping town, or driving to the next one and going on a rape fest, popping back in time for the dawn chorus.
Lucky thing I have no intention of doing that.

Colin Blanchard was placed on the sex offenders register for a small number of years and then dropped off. Even if he had been on for life it would not have hindered him for a second in orchestrating and pulling the strings of the Vanessa George child abuse scandal.

An offender flees official supervision every week

Right now its 365, suppose it went to 650. Thats one offender on the loose for every constituency.
Policeman Mike Hames said they go missing for one reason -to re-offend. Well maybe they just wanted a permanent vacation but we'll go with that explanation.

Some people who've comitted minor misdemeanors are put on the register sharing it for a while with hardcore rapists and child abusers.
Yet everyone is treated as a potential child molestor no matter what. The precautions that I endure assume that I will commit a physical offence on children at some point. Yet my crime *cough * was computer related and there are no restrictions on this at all.
Here's the weird thing, after 5 years this will cease to be a problem. I can get spouses with kids et al. If its not going to be a problem in five years then why the hell should it be a problem no?

If it was in my nature to be evil, it wouldn't be long enough, as it isn't I shouldn't be on at all.

What I'm saying is if your going to put someone on the register then it might as well be for life and if hes dangerous enough to warrant that he may as well do a 30 year prison spell.

A P.O who liased with me said he had a positive working relationship with 85% of his registrees and one or two caused trouble and needed to be watched.
So the people who don't cause trouble and probably never will don't need to be registered and the people who do should probably have spent longer in jail so they don't join the horde of escapees.

To put someone on the register is to punish him well beyond his sentence and it is to punish the whole community who fear hordes of spectral child molestors who they can't access.
Some people may call for access to where they are but the net result will be the same. You wake up in the morning feeling worried. You don't let your kids outside or go anywhere if you can't escort them.
The big irony about sarahs law is it wouldn't have helped poor sarah payne one little bit. She was attacked and killed by someone who was miles from his home town.

Any move towards more registries and disclosures will lead to the sort of madness we see in the U.S. A girl was dancing on the table and slipped and fell. As a visiting neighbour caught her he accidentally grabbed her buttocks. She told her daddy and rather than show gratitude for not having his daughters skull cracked he called the cops.
The good samaritan was arrested, put on the register for life and now cannot get a job anywhere and is harassed by people who can access his information.
True story.
Only in America? It could happen here too if we don't reverse the trend.

I am not a sex offender, sex offender is present tense and implies I am committing a sex offense right now. I most certainly am not doing that. I am someone who has in the past made a mistake. I deserve a chance to return to life and to give back.
But anyway for 5 years I get the offender treatment with people flipping out if I so much as breathe in the direction of a child.
I'm not exaggerating, I breathed in the direction of a child at a church feat (hope it had a license, see my other post) and my probation officer questioned my motives.

I must say it really is difficult to reintegrate people with the current legislation. The idea of rehabilitation is to forgive and forget. But I am going to be reminded on a fairly regular basis that I am a dangerous sex offender, one of the evil scum.
Some people are very amenable to suggestion and act accordingly, and people also have a deep psychological need to conform to a label that is placed upon them.
Lucky then for those not wanting me to commit an offense that I have a very strong will.

Every time an issue like this hits the news people cry out for the death penalty or for extremely harsh sentencing.
This is the voice of a community that is sick with fear. We are also tired of the majority of people being punished for other peoples crimes.

It is the most useless piece of legislation ever. It doesn't stop anyone comitting offences if they have a mind to and creates a demonised underclass where everyone is tarred with the same brush. It promotes fear and panic amongst the population.
Put dangerous people in prison and keep them there. If your going to rehabilitate then rehabilitate, totally and completely.

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  1. i think ex sex offenders should be given chance if non contact or their deemed not dangerous,if they think they are dangerous then keep them in prison till their not,the sex offenders register is only making more work for the so called agencies,not everyone breaks the law for sexual kicks their could be other reasons on their mind,but their not looked into or understood.ex offenders only want to move on ,work and fit into society again,if you cant do this whats the purpose of rehabilitation and so called work clubs,you got no chance on the register,you may as well be dead.their also needs to be anom agencies that can help ex offenders talk off their problems with out fear reporting just like drug,clinics and alcohol clinics believe me not everyone enjoys what they did their screaming for 21 century we should have a more helpful and forgiving society which means less crime and no offending ,god should be the only judge

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