in this day and age the british army in my opinion is to civalised reducing the effectiveness and capabilities. i strongly thought about joining the army until i sore the selection process which was like i was applying to become a teacher or something. of course fitness is vital and being pationate and motivated is alwayes good , but they include all sorts of time wasting nonsense like team games mental tests. i belive there should be a medical and fitness test and a interview. not the process of going to talk to someone informally then taking a silly british army battery test followed on by two more interviews and a army development and selection centre. they should simply examin your medical status and fitness and if that is in the green they should build you up from zero. this way there would be a increased number of soldiers who are no less capable then the soldiers to day within the army. to sum it up a better recruitment process which is not silly.taking a leaf out of israel's book could never hurt. and just for the sake of saying it. i belive the war in afghanistan is a load of nonsense and im sure at least ninety percent of people would agree with me. its about the sercruity back at home is it not ? wasting time money and lives for nothing ..building a school in afghanistan which taliban will rip down again..a waste of time… the subject i wrote about isnt a law but it is a  GOOD POINT. take it into consideration. 

Why is this idea important?

to be honest in all typed out so i will make this short and sweet.

this is vital for the capabilities of out countries defence. a better british army. more soldiers. no nonsence. or their could alwayes be national service ? as that benefits the country in so many ways the only problem with nation service is people going awol.

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  1. In response to maxwellgeorge’s comments i’d like to say he had no fewer than sixteen punctuation and grammar mistakes. Yes you have to be fit to join the Army, you also have to be able to read and write, and spell, ‘sore'(saw),’pationate'(passsionate),’alwayes(allways), and ‘examin'(examine),get a grip you mong!!!!!

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