The Assault laws should be repealed and replaced with more reasonable legislation that takes into account modern life. To be charged with Assault you should have to have caused deliberate or pre meditated physical injury to another person and you should be completely free from arrest and charge if you were acting in defence of yourself or acting to stop someone who you believed had committed an act of anti social behaviour or a crime.

Why is this idea important?

Because I have suffered because of the current law when trying to stop a dangerous driver who did a road rage attack on my vehicle. I was wrongly convicted of Assault despite him having no injuries because I tried to do a citizens arrest. I am disabled but despite all the evidence and having never been in trouble before I was given a prison sentence.

This is wrong and discourages citizens from getting involved in maintaining our civil society.

We should all be involved in society not just walk by on the other side of the road pretending not to see what is happening.

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