Libel laws currently make the UK the libel capital of the planet, taking up vast time in the courts. Time limits should be made one year from publication including the internet. And no win, no fee should be banned. Small claims courts should limit the damages to £2000 and a published retraction in the same medium as the offence occured for non media people e.g. internet users.

The most detrimental part is the lack of a time limit for suing! This means that things submitted to the internet are always open to a case.

The govt should end the no win, no fee situation for lawyers who are becoming fat cats at the expense of people. In one case a young man paid £10,000 to a lawyer to pay their fees only so as to stop a case against him. That put his family in debt. His offence did not warrant such a large sum by any means.

Our libel laws are outmoded and out of date in the modern world.


Why is this idea important?

it is important to protect freedoms of science and people to openly express ideas on the internet, whilst protecting the rights of people to privacy and from lies. These reforms are long overdue.

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