Rename the Police and call it the National Police Service (NPS).  Bring other community services under the same ubmrella  and increase the police headcount whilst bringing other agencies under the same umbrella. 





Why is this idea important?

Bringing various social services under the same umbrella will "soften" the police force by bringing in more welfare focussed professionals, it would allow case workers with very quick and easy access to police records and hopefully avoid the issues pertaining to high risk offenders being on social services'radar but the police were unawares and so forth.

It could save money by reducing the cost of duplication of data and computer systems, closely integrate the various services and thus improve reporting and will make individuals more accountable. 

Last bu not least, improving public relations between the police and the communities where heavy handed tactics have let people down by providing Policing as a service can only be a good thing! 

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