The United Kingdom is unique amongst the western world in having a near zero level of rabies (an awful disease). Thanks to our strict quarantine rules. However, the rules need to be clarified with respect to guide and service dogs travelling with their owners from outside the UK.

At the moment, the UK government permits Guide Dogs trained by Guide Dogs for the Blind to travel in and out of the UK without the need for quarantine. However, dogs from outside the UK, with a full medical history and full up to date rabies vaccinations, are not exempt from quarantine. This means that anyone travelling to or through the UK has to register their guide/ service dog with the PETS and travel on some of the most expensive routes in to the UK.


Why is this idea important?

This is plainly discriminating against the blind and disabled who rely on their animals to move about in their daily lives. Incidentally, despite the presence of Rabies elsewhere in the world, there has NEVER been a case of rabies in a guide dog anywhere in the world. This is because they are with their handlers all the time.

It is time for DeFRA to sort out the rabies legislation and bring it into the 21st Century.

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