Under current rules applicants have a 14 day window for a written appeal, and if still unhappy are given 14 days to apply to iether a magistrates or crown court. When my legal team applied to courts they were told that Magistrates and Judges are under strict rukes to uphold the SIA get licensed booklet, and as result of this are basically just rubber stamping the SIA decisions. With the Judges hands tied by SIA rules there is no unbiased, fully independant body an applicant can appeal to. It is totally against civil liberties, and an individualals right to work. The Judges and Magistrates should hear all appeals without being controlled by the Security Industry Authority.

Why is this idea important?

So an individual can have his or her case heard in open court, knowing that the outcome will be made by Judges and Magistrates not under any constraints from outside bodies.Our courts and justice system must be fair, unbiased and must be seen to be impartial.

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