To undo the whole registering to vote process, and in doing so, enhance democracy and save several million pounds.

To replace it with a system that uses a combination of passports and driving licenses, and an online database on polling day (admittedly, one that wouldn't crash… ahem hmg's web server!)

every passport / driving license has a unique number. Admittedly, not every person has a driving license or a passport… passport ownership stands at about 70% at the moment….

he solution is that I think it is a human right that at birth in this country everyone is given a passport. It should be the inalieable and free right of any honest individual to travel out of the country if they wish to do so. So, if you are scrapping ID cards, how about giving passports to the 30% rest of the population… and then… you won't have to do that ridiculous register to vote paperwork come the next election.


and I estimate it would increase voter turnout by 10 – 20 %


The other option is the inky finger option (or hand dying stamp?), which isn't actually too bad… ok, so you'd have a 1 – 3% error rating for cheeky tourists / non-nationals who try and vote…. but a turnout more like 90%….


and for a further point, STV (single transferable vote) is much more representational of voters than AV (alternative vote) or FPTP (first past the post, our current system, modelled on horse racing…)

Why is this idea important?

because I had a few friends and family members who didn't vote in the last election simply because the process is concealed and finickity. And voter turnout is just way too low for anything that calls itself a democracy.

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