I would like to see the smoking laws changed. Smoking bans should still stay on flights,london underground,restaruants. Let pubs clubs decide if they want to be smoking or no smoking.The bars that have closed are quite high and has had a nasty effect on jobs I used to work in a well known bingo club and since the smoking ban came into effect admissions halved, really, they did

Why is this idea important?

This is so important as we have been told what we can and can not do.Everyone knows smoking is bad for you,and alot of poeple have given up.good. But for poeple whom did not give feel like we are being told what we can not do .In a free society let us choose where and when we want to smoke. At my last job before the smoking ban came in we had a staff room for none smokers i must tell you it was never used, everyone ,smoker or none smoker had there breaks in the smoking room/

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