Change to the TV License Fee

As somebody has suggested a change to the TV license would be a good idea. The license fee only really pays for BBC coverage (Radio & TV). This doesn't cover other terrestrial channels.

if you watch and subscribe to SKY and other pay per view channels you are expected to pay again. Could this not be reviewed, so that you ONLY pay for what you watch and now in the 21st century not what you can recieve has the BBC suggest.

I currently pay over £145 for BBC, then another £80 for SKY and that doesn't include other channels such as ESPN.

Isn't it time the cost was reviewed?

Why does this idea matter?

This would make the cost of the TV license fee more realistic in the 21st century. You would only pay for what you receive and would subsequently allow the license fee payer to only pay once (i.e if you receive SKY) or if you have a digibox. Instead you currently pay for a license and then you end up paying again because the BBC are unable to broadcast mainstream sports programmes and therefore you have no choice but to choose SKY.

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