I am deeply concerned about the laws protecting gay rights.  These should be abolished because there is no need for them.  According to the British Psychiatrist Organization and the American version of the same title, what homosexuality is more of a mental health disorder.  The British Government is inclined to come down heavy on anyone that ridicules gays.  This over exaggeration should be brought to an end.  By doing this, in my opinion, they're also breaching other people's civil liberties and their freedom of speech.  I am not against people who are gay (homosexuals).  But, I am against those who go out of their way to attack churches or attack anyone who ridicules them.  It's a common factor of life, we'll all be ridiculed now and again.  As soon as some accepts that, all the better for them.  The Government has been almost claustrophobic from my point of view, and when the scientific evidence says otherwise.  This is creating no more than extremisn by mislead people and atheists which are joined with communism, which will side with anyone that goes against the christian community.  The plain fact of it is that most people don't agree with the lifestyle and activities of homosexuals, and these people can't be put in jail because they don't agree with their lifestyles, because it's a civil right to speak their mind in a civil society not unless that has changed.

Why is this idea important?

True scientific diagnosis of this illness is not being paid attention to, or else these laws are protecting it.  This is a breach of freedom of speech.

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