The Previous Government upgraded Cannabis from a class C drug to a class B drug, against the advice of the ACMD.

Another such issue occured with the high profile sacking of Professor David Nutt, when Ecstasy (Again, against the advice of the ACMD) was upgraded to a class A drug, despite being nowhere near as dangerous as other Class A drugs such as Heroin.

This kind of behaviour shows a government that is willing to ignore the facts about cannabis and other drugs, and go against proper scientific advice.

We only have to look at the Netherlands, and their "Coffee shop" to see a model on how Cannabis regulation could work in an ideal britain.

Even looking at the Spanish laws on Cannabis could be a start, where possession for personal use is legal.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because these current laws, and many other drug-related laws, are the laws of an un-free country. If someone possesses a drug, for their own use, to put into their own body, they can be arrested. Despite the fact that they are doing no harm to anyone else.

I believe this is wrong, and that these are not the laws of a fair country.

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