If the cost of food manufactured, grown or packaged outside the UK had 10% VAT charged on it, people would be encouraged to buy British.

It would give an enormous boost to jobs in industry and agriculture in this country.

It could well pay for itself several times over by reduced reliance on the state.

It might mean that the rise in VAT to 20% on many manufactured goods was no longer necessary.

Unless, of course, the EU says we wouldn't be allowed to do it…

Why is this idea important?

Unemployment is high, and will get higher. What Britain needs is the creation of many more stable jobs, especially now many jobs will go in the public sector.

We need to grow and process food here, not keep importing. I was in the ridiculous position the other day of not being able to buy British beetroot, broccoli or green beans, when this is the time of year I could be growing them in my garden (if I was able to).

There is plenty of good growing land in this country available that lies fallow because growers cannot compete with cheap imported food.

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