Charites should have the charity status removed if they are a profitmaking organisation

and not be eligable for the tax benifits

A charity should be and always be a non profit making organisation and present loop holes should be closed

Why is this idea important?

The burden of tax benifits then can be dramatically reduced to the tax payers of this country through loop holes in the system and then just the tax benifits will then go to the right people and to the charities that really need it

Not organasation posing as charites to gain from tax benifits burdening tax payers million

Charity donations world wide are down 35% due to the recesion and I belive all charity appeals should state actually and publish as to how much in every pound raised acually goes to the charity not administration as some hardly antthing in the pound goes to those charities,

That in turn will then allow people to choose which charity to donate to as they also should be totally accountable as they also are vastly overstaffed and are keeping each other in well paid jobs.

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