Respected Deputy Prime Minister,

Sub : Green UK through Changing the Monthly Season Ticket system

As a commuter, every day I have to travel Uxbridge from Brighton to perform my duty at work. Many other people do the same journey everyday from Brighton, Littlehampton, Hayward’s Heath and Burges Hill.

The cost of journey will be approximately £385/- a month by train monthly season ticket for advance payment. The total cost for 365 days will be £4620/-.

To save money everyone including myself travel via CAR as it’s a cheaper option for everyone than train. This will create a chaotic situation on all roads. I generally travel on M25 to reach my office. I have used my car for the last 18 months with very chaotic traffic during office hours.

There are many people with depressed emotions in such chaotic traffic with finding themselves helpless and blaming government for not taking any corrective actions.

Is there any plan ready with government to handle the traffic after 5 years? I am sure it will be worse if we do not take any corrective action now.

I personally think that government can help to reduce traffic on roads by promoting alternative cheaper train journey for daily commuters.

To reduce the carbon foot print, many companies now allow employees to work from home and my company also allows me to work from home for 2 days in a week. So in general I have to travel 3 days a week. So actually 12 days in a month or 144 days in a year I have to travel between Brighton and Uxbridge. Based on above calculation, I am just giving extra money to train companies for 221 days costing to £2797/-.

Also, even if , I have to go for 5 days a week, I have to travel 260 days a year and if I less the 30 days holidays from that, it is only 230 days a year someone have to travel for work from home city.  So we are paying extra money for 135 days cost to £1687/- per year.

We want a justice from you and also your justice will help UK to reduce carbon foot print massively. We want to start the following method for daily commuters from immediate effect:
–          Daily commuters  will continue to pay in advance for 30 days
–          This 30 days season ticket will allow daily commuters to travel for actual 30 days travel.
–          The 30 day advance season ticket should have validity of 90 days.
So, in total an advance season ticket for actual 30 days travel in 90 days will help many commuters save some money.

Travelling by train will help to reduce the carbon foot print globally as well as traffic free roads resulting happy citizens of United Kingdom.

Your global initiative will force other countries to think about such out of box solutions and helping globally to reduce the carbon foot print.

Thanks and Regards,
Nitesh Patel

Why is this idea important?

As above.

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