All the Indian it companies are bringing alot of professionals on intercompany transfers to UK.

1.they only pay allowance to them but in their work permit they show income nearer to 40k at the time of visa application,but they will not pay taxes to gov of UK

2.they are killing IT industry in UK.

3.if a guy comes on TCS intercompany transfer and works for one company in UK for 3 months then TCS is using the same person in another company for some other time.All the it companies are using intercompany transfer as tier1

4.intercomapny transfer should be specific for one company like TCS-VISA for 6 months not like TCS for 2 years

5.all intercompany transfer professional should pay taxes in UK.

Why is this idea important?

Please get a report of how many people have entered into UK….i think 1/2 million.In this small country is you keep on bringing people from outside,how about the people who did degree in computers in this country.

Government should close this loop hole……..and save British IT Professionals

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  1. Good idea. There is systematic abuse by large IT organisations bringing (mainly) Indian people onshore, taking jobs away from British Citizens who are normally better qualified, but cant compete with Indian wages paid to these people who are allowed to work in the UK with no right to do so.

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