Parents earning up to £25,000 per year each, should receive child benef.

but parents who receive anything above this amount  £25,000 + should not receive anything.

Parents can claim for a maximum of 2 children, but any additional and they will need to to pay for


Certain unemployed and people with drug addiction are playing the system badly,and are having 4,5,6+ children just for the benefit money,not for the kids welfare, who end up needing social care

Why is this idea important?

Lets the people with less money coming in, survive a bit better, wheras people on a higher salery, dont necessarily need or even use it(some probably refuse it already)

Would stop un necessary continual social problems for the kids, if families realise that the monies coming in are for their welfare only and not for their habits, if only getting benefit for 2 even though they have 6 kids

Could be structured to specific bad areas

Also get benefit cheats and child benefit cheaters etc,

I was sure there was supposed to be a certain goverment department covering this, but there are so many cheating the system, and so much wasted monies going and getting paid 

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