It seems we have so many people both originating from the UK, and also coming here from abroad, with large extended families to simply live at the taxpayer’s expense.

All to often some single mothers are exploiting the system by having two three or more children to live in a lifestyle to which they would never be able to afford had they been working for a living.

My idea is a simple yet fair one To redress the balance between incentive and reward shown under the current system.

For the first child to a single person, co-habiting or married couple , payment would remain the same. For any subsequent children however, instead of money being paid there should be a system of vouchers for food,clothing and childrens accessories (prams baby walkers etc) that are redeemable at approved retail outlets, so that all parents can adequately cater for their childs need.

A child should not be able to be used to replace an earned income, but Im afraid all too often it clearly is.

If that monetary incentive to have more children was removed (without harming a childs development and need for the essentials), then feckless parents would be less willing to have more children than they and society can afford. If people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own children, then the taxpayer should not be left to subsidize these dysfunctional families (in some cases) to the tune of several hundred pounds a week.

Why is this idea important?

The taxpayers money  should  be spent wisely, and not used as a license to print money for people who decide three four or five children pay better than working for a living.

It would instill a sense of responsibility, and pride in families if the large payments for multiple children were reduced, so it no longer became such an attractive financial proposition. No child would be deprived, and no child would be worse off, as all this scheme would ensure is that the children were the recipients of the food, clothing and other associated necessities, rather than the parents who currently receive taxpayers money, and  the complete autonomy on how to spend it. Too often this is on themselves and their lifestyle, and not on the children such payments are intended for.

There are two areas that concern me currently.

One is that we are encouraging an underclass to produce children in a downward spiral of less morality, where it is considered right and proper to never work, never take responsibility, and never to refuse a handout.

This is a poor example,  for children, and this dependency spiral will not diminish unless the incentives are reduced drastically.

Secondly, the birthrate among immigrant families has now reached (approx) 20% of the national birthrate. Traditionally this is because people from abroad do tend to have much larger families. The problem comes from sustainability and social cohesion.

If this is allowed to carry on unchecked, then it will foster resentment over payments and priority housing, and also allow unchecked alteration of our UK identity.

I sincerely hope my ideas may be given consideration, as we simply cannot carry on spending money that we do not have, and as a taxpayer I for one resent day after day the newspapers reporting the blatant abuse of people in this country of our over generous benefits system. A benefit is a gift from the people to the dispossessed and genuine in need sections of society, it should not be seen as an absolute right as an alternative to having to work for a living

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