Child benefit should only be given for the first 2 or 3 children. Any more and the parents need to support their children without any state benefit for the ones that follow. The money thus saved should be used to provide free school meals for all children, irrespective of their financial background or family's resident status in the UK.

Why is this idea important?

With the government making it necessary for single mothers to go back to work once their youngest child joins school, more and more women wanting to stay at home will find the idea of having more children attractive. Which is alright, if they can afford to bring up their children on their own. The State should not have to bear the burden of maintaining large families at the expense of the taxpayers at large.

Providing free school meals to children, will ensure that mothers will be more amenable to going back to work without having to worry about packed lunches that are nourishing and well balanced, which is always a huge concern for all mums and one of the benefits of being a stay at home mum who can look after kids.

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