This is an outdated and unfair benefit and seen as yet another tax on the single or childless workers of the United Kingdom. I don't think any family can honestly say they couldn't live without this allowance, and its usually used by most people I know as a supplement to their own income or as some money to 'treat' their children with.

Times have change, and though I can see how this might have been invaluable money used to buy children clothes, books, shoes, food e.t.c when it was first concieved way back in 1909, or even when it was updated in 1955 or 1975, standards of living have increased since then and this is just a massive burden that costs the UK tax coffers £11 billion a year.

Means testing is just a half answer, it would be massively expensive to administer and I don't see how refusing those who put the most in to the tax pot are even more those allowed to take the least out. The only fair answer is to place responsibility back into the hands of prospective parents at this time of widespread avaialbity of contraception.

Why is this idea important?

Why is my idea important? Well lets see…

We are running at a massive deficit and the country is crying out for savings. Why should core services like policing or health be cut, or soldiers be sent to the front lines with outdated kit, when we could save such a staggering sum here by asking people to be responsible for their life choices.

The population of the UK is being tipped to be at 70M within 10 years, as such its pretty clear that there is no shortage of people or dire need for a mass rise in childbirths, so why are we enouraging this through the tax system?

There are numerous other reasons why this is important, i'd spin the question round and ask why is it important to fund population growth? If the only answer is that people need financial support from the state to fund lifechoices they cano otherwise not afford, my answer would be tough luck.

I want a Ferrari, I can't afford one so I don't have one. I wouldn't expect the state to help fund it for me. Why should those that want children that they can't afford be any different?

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