This is a proposal to limit the amount of children eligible for child benefit.

Why is this idea important?

The vast majority (particularly tax payers) must agree that the benefit system is out of control and running at levels we cannot afford or sustain. As a starting point I would put forward the proposal that the payment of child benefit is limited to a certain number of children per family.


It is important that families are encouraged to have children. They are the future workers who will generate wealth for the common good. I suggest the government calculate the most beneficial rate of population growth that the country can cope with. They could then set a limit of numbers of children per couple required to produce that result.


Couples would still be entitled to child benefit up to and including that figure. Any children a couple decide to have over that number will be a lifestyle choice they make and they will not receive state aid in raising those children. Basically if YOU can’t afford them don’t have them.


I know personally of couples (and single mothers) who deliberately enlarge their families (one is set to go for double figures) as they see more children as entitling them to more benefits – cash kids as opposed to cash cows. This is NOT a snipe at single mothers, many who deserve support, but the operative word is deserve.

Some of th funds released could be added to the permitted child benefit. Also, benefit would not be means tested but available to all.


The entitlement figure could be varied according to economic and population growth trends and integrated with a suitable  immigration policy.

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