Stop children from forcibly being taken from their parents without first going in front of family courts with legal representation and in front of a jury. All family courts should be open to the public, not in camera as at present, and all families should be able to get legal aid.

The law should be changed so that a child taken by Social Services cannot put that child forward for adoption without the consent of the parents.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because too many children are being taken from their parent without just cause and they being prosecuted for trying to get in touch with them.

The children are traumatised and unhappy because they cannot understand why they have been taken from their homes and put into institutions when they were happy with their parents.

The parents are sometimes taken illegally and subjected to psychiatric assessment. 

Children are being advertised for adoption like lumps of meat.   

Social Services have too many powers and they seem to be above the law.

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